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The SRH-3 is a three-axis fully stabilized remote head allowing for cameras to go where no person can with increased flexibility and ease. Whether it be on set, in a studio, or at an event, our new intelligent and adaptive Stabilized Remote Head SRH-3 has the full force of ARRI technology behind it. The Stabilized Remote Head SRH-3 fills a niche while offering top quality and performance.

Moviecrane Greece always offers cutting edge tech and solutions for the movie filming industry in Europe and the SRH-3 is our latest addition to the equipment range

High Payload – Lightweight Design

The fully stabilized SRH-3 three-axis remote control head can accommodate payloads of up to 30 kg / 66lb. The compact and lightweight design, only 9 kg / 19.8 lb offers an excellent payload to own weight ratio. The integrated LBUS offers future proof solutions and workflows.

Smart and Adaptive System

To provide outstanding stabilization, the motors inside the ARRI Stabilized Remote Head SRH-3 can compensate for external centrifugal force by adding extra motor power. SRH-3 can also be remote controlled with its newly designed, joystick based ARRI SRH-3 control board, with optional wheels.

Available optional for operate with:

The ARRI Digital Remote Wheels

The Remote set Control Panel

Arri SRH-3 Technical Specifications Data

Stabilized Axis3 (Pan, Tilt, Roll)
Max. Payloadup to 30Kg/66lbs
Depth Head13cm/5.12in
Depth Base16.5cm/6.49in
Ring Diameter26cm/10.23in
Ring Height Centre20.9cm/8.23in
Max Tilt Range+60° / -110°
Max Roll Range+/- 90°
Max Pan Range540° +/- 270°
Max Pan Rate240° / sec
Max Tilt Rate240° / sec
Operating Voltage Head24V – 36V
Output Camera12V & 24V
Environmental-20° C to  +50° C / -4° F to 122° F

Arri SRH-3 has LBUS Socket, RS Socket and it is SAM plates compatible