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NEWTON S2 stabilized remote head is used on a variety of moving applications such as telescopic cranes, cable cams, high speed rails, tower cams, tracking cars, motorcycles and boats.

NEWTON´s ultra-compact design enables installations of moving cameras in front or overhead of audience, without obstructing the view of spectators nor other cameras. Get the live TV viewers closer to the action with the NEWTON stabilized camera control system.

Moviecrane Greece always offers cutting edge tech solutions for Tv Broadcast & Filming industry in Europe and the Newton S2 stabilised remote head is our latest addition to the equipment range.


  • Precise control of camera and lens due to the intuitive feeling, ergonomic features and high customizability of the control panel.
  • Reliable system that does not fail you during live TV broadcast.
  • Steady horizon, with low gyro-drift, both outdoors and indoors due to multiple non-GPS dependent sensors and proprietary algorithms.
  • Brushless and quick 3-axis stabilization, that are strong enough to handle for example high speed car chasing on dirt roads with up to 120 mm focal length.
  • Our support staff aim to make all your productions successful.


  • Lightweight and compact stabilized head which enable discreet camera placement near the action and make it practical to travel with.
  • Robust and weather proof aluminum body for wear in harsh environments.
  • Lean system only consisting of stabilized head and remote controller.
  • Short setup time with a camera cage, enabling the storage of a balanced and tuned camera package, ready for quick remount.
  • Hot swappable batteries, powering a camera up to 3 hours.
  • Silent remote stabilized head, for intimate TV studios.


  • Proprietary sophisticated software which is reliable, under constant development and easily upgradable.
  • A variety of features such as pan-follow, zoom desensitize, motors locked, motion record etc.
  • Supports Augmented Reality (AR) as an additional feature.
  • Large high-resolution display, with real-time gimbal, camera and lens data.
  • Cost efficient and can be used on a variety of moving camera platforms, enabling economies of scale.


  • Made for broadcast cameras such as SONY HDC-P1, P43, P50, Grass Valley LDX-C80, C86 Compact, Panasonic AK-UB300, Hitachi DH-H200 etc. but bigger film cameras such as Phantom Flex 4K are also used.
  • Supports start and stop on RED cameras and Arri Alexa Mini.
  • Integrated control of lens motors from Canon, Fujinon and Teradek RT.
  • Allows control of telescopic towers from for example RTS & Egripment.
  • Clean passthroughs of signals and offers power out to accessories, allowing the use of for example wireless video and serial data links of choosing.