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The MagicHead is a simple but robust 2-axis digital remote head. It’s ‘modular’ design and rigid construction make the head very stable and it delivers a performance usually only seen in a much more expensive Remote Heads. Each axis has a unique ‘dual motor’ drive system which eliminates any backlash or play in the drive gears and gives the head a very smooth change in direction. The digital electronics constantly monitor the heads position eliminating any drift and making the head very accurate, even after long periods of continuous use. Because of the Magic Head’s unique design, It is both quick and easy to balance, reducing it’s set up time. The control desk has been ergonomically designed to be comfortable to operate and it allows for easy access to dampening and speed adjustments on all axes. The standard length of the cable used to connect the desktop with the head is 50m. This can be extended up to 150m.

The control desktop/panel contains:
– JOYSTICK regulator for both axes

– Separate regulators of SPEED and FLUID soft start/end for both axes, switches of working directions DIR and also LOCK buttons for PAN and TILT axes

– HOME button – moving back to start/original position

– FOCUS rotate regulator and ZOOM tilt for TV cameras

– Regulator of LIMIT HI and LIMIT LOW range for FOCUS function, switch of working direction DIR and FLUID regulator

– ZOOM speed regulator, buton of maximum SPEED MAX and switch of working direction DIR