Techno Cranes

MovieBird 62' TechnoCrane (Coming Soon)

The MB62 is an extremely versatile telescopic camera crane suitable for working on any film set, TV studio or sports arena. It is easy to operate and will carry all types of camera packages up to 90 kg in weight.

Despite the MB 62’s reach of 62 ft plus it can be transported in a standard 16 ton truck or a bespoke trailer.

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MovieBird 45' TechnoCrane

We are proud to own one of the worlds most impressive telescoping cranes on the market, using the latest technology and materials.

Τhis crane telescopes smooth, quiet and precise to make your shot more significant and polished than ever 45 feet [13.7 meters] of telescoping movement at a touch of a button.

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MovieBird 30' TechnoCrane

The MovieBird Crane still retains the principles of a telescopic crane system. It is designed and built to offer limitless creative possibilities, to reach the most inaccessible places, to manoeuvre in the tightest of corners, telescoping in and out silently for that shot at a moments notice.

High-end digital electronics enable the operator to program the actual range of movement. Nine digitally controlled speed settings with additional smooth logarithmic movement fades.

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Remote Heads

Scorpio Head SB92

The Scorpio Head SB92 is a remote, digital and modular head, composed of 3 modules that allows to work into 2 or 3 axis. The first one is a programmable rotary disk, the second one becomes a 2 axis head PAN and TILT, that can be adapted to any camera through the incorporation of the risers of 50 and 150 mm and to rotate in a centered zenithal plan.

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MovieBird Magic Head 2-Axis

The MagicHead is a simple but robust 2-axis digital remote head. It’s ‘modular’ design and rigid construction make the head very stable and it delivers a performance usually only seen in a much more expensive Remote Heads. Each axis has a unique ‘dual motor’ drive system which eliminates any backlash or play in the drive gears and gives the head a very smooth change in direction.

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Rail Cam Systems

Ross Furio Rail Cam System

A motorized dolly system that gives you track and height control all in one package. The advantages are numerous, the Furio system enables one single operator complete control of track movement by a right and left foot pedal, lens height by controlling the main column up or down and the comfort of choosing any remote head desired for any kind of camera.

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Transportation - Movie Trucks

Movie Crane has 4 trucks at its disposal for the transportation of the equipment. Mercedes 818, Volkswagen Transporter 4×4, Volkswagen maxi caddy, Ford Transit.
Our trucks can be used to support any kind of production with the authorized crew.

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