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The Scorpio Head SB92 is a remote, digital and modular head, composed of 3 modules that allows to work into 2 or 3 axes. The first one is a programmable rotary disk, the second one becomes a 2 axes head PAN and TILT, that can be adapted to any camera through the incorporation of the risers of 50 and 150 mm and to rotate in a centered zenithal plan.

All axes have optic centered. All axes (pan, tilt, roll, zoom, focus & iris) are programmable and repeatable.

All control systems are available upon request. The Remote Head can be controlled from up to 1000 m (3200 feet) away by cable series RS485 or by wireless half-duplex microwave 2,4GHz. Limits programmable, Damping and Speed adjustment for all axis adjustable.

Thanks to the new signal passage system of gold slip-rings fitted to the Scorpio Head together with the additional connectors that allow cable free movement of the head, the head can rotate as many turns as required, what offers new possibilities that will make true the fantasies of any director.

Scorpio Head SB92 works and adapts to all cinema or television equipment (Panther and Fisher).

Available equipment upon request

We are able to provide you with all equipment offered by service vision & moviebird upon your request. For more information click here to contact us.

Controll Systems for Scorpio Head SB92

  • Handwheels
  • Joystick
  • Wireless Control
    • Connection between Scorpio Head
      and Control,
    • Half duplex microwave 2.4Ghz,
    • 99 channels of communication,
    • Aux power out 12V.
Technical SpecificationsHeightWidthDepth
External Dimensions Without Arm, no Risers59cm38cm24cm
External Dimensions Without Arm, With all Risers89cm38cm24cm
External Dimensions With Arm, no Risers59cm52cm24cm
External Dimensions With Arm, With all Risers89cm52cm24cm
Load & WeightKg
Weight with Supporting Arm & Rises22.5
Weight without Supporting Arm & Rises16
Max Load without Supporting Arm30
Max Load with Supporting Arm60
Pan & Tilt
Pan & Tilt360° continuous
Electronic Limit SwitchesPan, Tilt & FIZ
Speed Range Pan & Tilt2s per 360°
Outputs at Camera Plate
1 x 30V unregulated
1 x 26V & 1 x 4V regulated or 2 x 14V regulated
1 x Auxiliary for CAC/RCU/LCS
1 x FIZ Pwr
1 x 12V 3A Pwr
1 x 12V Witness Camera Pwr
2 x 75ohm BNC
Powerful memory. Record & recall various positions, moves & lens functions
Multitrack recording & motion capture
6 x 2 minute record & repeat programs
4 x record & repeat positions